Yacht Marketing

NOW is a good time to offer something better!  ICON Digital Plans is based in the Caribbean with our headquarters in Puerto Rico. Our product can offer tours of your yachts(s)...From anywhere with Internet!  An Interactive Layout from ICON Digital Plans will put your marketing above your competitors.  Imagine being on a conference call in your office, touring your fleet of yachts with a client on the other side of the globe.  You can actually "walk" through the deck plan, clicking on hot spots containing photos of that space, from stern to bow. 

Our Interactive Deck Plans can be viewed on any device.  Your clients can view your yacht(s) from any cell phone, tablet, an computer.  We use Hi Resolution Photography via Pop-Ups on the layouts.  Tour a yacht at your own pace, looking at what cabins you want to!

We can make what you have better.  If you already have drafted plans and photos, or if you are just too far away for us to be on location, we can still help.  Simply send us your plans and pics and we will re-draw accurate, easy to read deck plans...Just like the ones we create from being on-site.

Scroll down and try it for yourself... Or just watch the running example!

 Easy to read layouts and technology that works for you.

That's full service!

Get more attention from buyers.  Let sellers know you are ahead of the rest, tech savvy, and have the tools to sell or charter that yacht properly!      

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  • ICON Deck Plans
  • Finally a Tool That WORKS
  • • Works on any mobile device
  • • Accurate and to Scale
  • • No Limits on Usage
  • • Attract Buyers • Secure Sellers
  • • Charter Index Approved
  • • Square Footage/ Meter Measured
  • Dynamic Deck Plans
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Interactive Deck Plan Demo