Real Estate Marketing

Whether an investment property or for extra income, marketing a home properly will increase your visibilty and then your business.  An Interactive Floor Plan from ICON Digital Plans will save you time explaining the layout of the property.  Imagine being able to give a complete tour of the house without having to get your client on a plane or in a car.  The confidence your client will gain by your investment in an Interactive Floor Plan - knowing what they are going to rent or buy, will keep them coming back over and over again, or speeding up the purchase process.  Our product can be seen on any device - smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Our pricing does take into account larger homes and properties with multiple houses.  As the spaces in your home increase our price per square feet decreases.  We encourage our clients to partner with other owners to further save on your purchases.  If we can schedule at least three homes at once, we will pass the savings to all owners! 

Our rates are based on living spaces only, interior and exterior.  A living space outside would be a patio, deck, balcony, or porch.  We do not map driveways or yards, unless that is what you request.  We will do these spaces for a flat fee based on a free estimate.  NO charge for pools!

We are fast on-site!   We average between 45 minutes to an hour per 1,000 sq ft.   Depending on the size we can get in after the place has been cleaned and be done before your next client's arrive.

REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS! - Inquire about multiple home packages

Great For Sales...  Perfect For Rentals       










Own a custom drafted, aftermarket layout with Pop-Up photos to see the actual space.  Show your entire fleet to clients in minutes...anywhere!  Increase your sales and your bookings.  This tool is for charter and sale - P/V or S/V.









We will create a laser measured floor plan, combined with vibrant Pop-Up photography to better market your property investment.  Finally a tool that answers the questions your clients have.  Increase your sales and bookings. Great for rentals and sales.









Our focus is yacht and architectural photography.  We strive to portray each environment realistically with great aesthetic.  It's more than just a picture, it's a feel.  We also proudly offer location shots, nature, surfing, special events, and religious services photo-shoots.

Marketing homes and yachts to discerning, knowledge driven clients.  Our product works on any device with Internet!  We offer photo shoots and social media consulting too.  Contact for a website consultation.